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Tuesday is one of those big days that Hebron Education Centre has. When you have a chance to be there, during this day, you will never forget it. It is usually a long awaited day. It is a day when students, teachers and the non teaching staff come together to worship and hear God as one. Although devotions are held every other day of the week, Tuesdays are more special.

Why are Tuesdays special? Well, it is the only day of the week where we gather together, worship together and interact together; therefore, with eagerness and excitement, the entire school welcomes this day.

The students neatly line up and march to their seats with joy plastered on their faces. Students carry notebooks, bibles and pens for jotting down small notes. The students proudly take their seats anxiously waiting to hear from the Lord.

After the opening prayer, the worship team takes their places on the stage, and soon the worship begins. The worship team is composed of students themselves with the chapel captain taking full lead. It is at this particular moment that one is able to see the beauty, the maturity and the intensity of the chapel. From the youngest to the eldest; everyone lifts their hands in total surrender to the Lord. What a beautiful thing!

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